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The Collector Series

Last week Blaise + Co. launched The Collector Series, a new members group for emerging art enthusiasts which we formed in partnership with Company. The group will consist of  collectors, artists, curators, critics and art-world aficionados invited to come together several times a year at a private party, where they’ll be exposed to a new emerging artist and enjoy a related discussion before delving into, naturally, some delicious cocktails. Many of us are already members of various museum and collector groups, but after a while they just don’t do the trick; unless the programming and guests are perfectly picked, they can become quite rote. Learning about art is all about exploration and discovery, and should encourage you to roam a bit out of your aesthetic comfort zone while meeting some new like-minded friends. We’re going to shake things up a bit with The Collector Series by reinvigorating the art world with the spirit of artistic adventure. This inaugural gathering highlighted the work of four new media artists who are making quite the impression on the New York art scene thanks to their innovative mode of manipulating high technology into creative expression. One of the most enjoyable aspects of planning The Collector Series launch was bringing these artists together to show their work to a new audience, in the perfect environment. Luckily for us, the exquisite video-painting exhibited by Jason Varone is unfettered by the gallery system and available for private sale. My curatorial participation in this project was a fantastic way to introduce friends and colleagues to Jason’s work. Speaking of curatorial practices, thank you to Company for showcasing Blaise + Co. as their first Curator, where I combed through the Market offerings to hand-pick a cohesive collection. I even added a work for sale by London-based print maker Sara J. Beazley to the mix.

Yorgo Alexopoulos


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    This sounds and looks fantastic!

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